Facilities Management
and Transportation

Significantly contribute to the Saudi Arabia’s Development especially in Industrial sector to preserve through quality and safety.

We specialize in various types of services like Facilities Management, Trading and Contracting services, Civil contracts, Industrial services, Skilled manpower and Transportation.

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3+ Years

As a trusted general project that has been operating for 3 years, our commitment is always to prioritize our client satisfaction.


Our Services

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Mechanical Jobs

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Electrical Jobs

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Civil Jobs

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Instrumentation Division

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Shutdown Management Division

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General Trading Division

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Electronics, IT & Telecom Solutions Division

Mechanical Division

Mechanical division undertakes all kinds of mechanical, structural, and piping fabrication and installation work to support Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries. We also undertake HVAC works. JR offers a comprehensive line of commercial HVAC systems and services for office buildings, manufacturing, retail, schools, and universities.

  • All kinds of mechanical equipment erection work.
  • All kinds of structural steel fabrication and erection.
  • Piping fabrication and erection.
  • HVAC installation and preventive maintenance including processes like:
  • Air Testing & Abatement
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Modification & upgrading of existing air-conditioning systems.
  • All mechanical / machine processes like welding, bending, grinding, polishing, cutting (laser & plasma), powder coating, machining, assembly etc.

Electrical Division

JR Electrical division has a vast experience in installation and termination of various Electrical systems within Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, and other Manufacturing industries.

  • Transformer erection and termination up to 33 KV.
  • HV / MV / LV switch gear installation and termination.
  • Underground and overhead cabling up to 33 KV.
  • Installation of Ladder / Tray / Conduits
  • Installation of all types of Electrical equipment
  • Power cabling and switchgear
  • Lighting system
  • Testing
  • Repair & Maintenance

Civil Division

JR Civil division takes pride in its experience pool of highly skilled engineers, managers, technicians, and laborers to carry out sophisticated and challenging works in the field of civil construction. We are committed to delivering the best quality of work on time to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Preparation of Initial Site Survey and Technical Drawings
  • Commercial buildings - Construction and Renovations
  • Industrial Site preparation
  • Earthwork, Land development & fencing
  • Concrete & foundation works
  • Cable Ducting and Trenching
  • Manholes and Soak ways
  • Structural Installations and Hangars
  • Landscaping
  • Excavation for underground piping
  • Parking Lots

Instrumentation Division

JR Instrumentation division comprises trained engineers providing quality services and solutions as per international standards, focusing on the Oil & Gas Industries, Petrochemical Plants, and Manufacturing industries.

  • Installation of all types of Instruments.
  • Installation of DCS/PLC Panels, marshaling and local control panels
  • PLC cabinet installation
  • Protection panels installation
  • Installation of all types of valves and actuator
  • CCTV installation and maintenance
  • Termination of control panels
  • Calibration of field instruments
  • Analog and digital cabling
  • Impulse tubing
  • Loop checking and commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Fire Alarm & firefighting systems

Shutdown Management Division

In Shutdown Management, offering various plant maintenance services associated with Oil & Gas Industries, Petrochemical Plants. We expertise in saving your time and money.

  • Plant turnaround & shutdown maintenance
  • Short- & Long-Term Plant Maintenance Contracts
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Plant Repairs
  • Total plant / facility Operation and maintenance
  • Scheduled / Emergency Maintenance and shutdown
  • Contracted Engineering, Technical, Admin IT Consultants etc.
  • Supply of equipment, materials & tools

General Trading Division

JR Trading Division has been serving the Oil and gas power, and other diverse industrial sectors within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia by both procuring and supplying products and services produced offered by leading national manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers.

Electronics, IT & Telecom Solutions Division

Some of the services provided by Electronics, IT & Telecom solutions division are:

  • Installation and implementation of hardware and software
  • Network service, maintenance, and auditing
  • IT hardware and software assessment
  • Network support
  • Cloud Networking
  • Process CCTV & Security Fence CCTV Systems (HCIS Standards).
  • Network and data cabling.
  • Fiber Optic Works, Installation and Maintenance.
  • Public Addressing Systems (PAGA)
  • Radio Systems (Handheld and Wireless).
  • Fire Fighting Systems, Installation and Maintenance.

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Our experience of 3 years of Facilities Management and Transportation achievements in the world of development

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The prices we offer you are very competitive without reducing the quality of the company's work in the slightest

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JRT vision is to create a better Industrial Service for our clients in the Kingdom. We make this possible by offering a wide range of services to fulfill our clients requirements.


Over the last two decades JRT Group has delivered large scale infrastructure projects to a wide range of clients in both government and private sectors. We are proud to be one of the larger contractors in Central Queensland and the Capricorn Coast. Continually driving for sustainable growth in our fleet and capabilities.

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